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Zamówienia na kwotę powyżej 400,00 zł i maksymalnej wadze paczki nie przekraczającej 50 kg , Maszyny przemysłowe zmontowane wysyłane są na euro palecie , koszt 140zł kg
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Maszyny do szycia przemysłowe .
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love your collection, congrats! i love your scenery as well louis vuitton bag


I love givre! Congrats on a gorgeous purchase and a yummy collection! You look great with the pm but based on the pics, I think you can def pull off the mm too.


Take it back. For $1700 you should love everything about the bag, not just the comfortableness of it. And you mentioned that you think the bag "looks silly on you", you need a bag that you think looks fabulous on you!

Milla mm

speedy in azur =]


he vernis Alma MM in pomme does take a bit of looking after. What I mean by this is, you can't bump / scratch it up agai

,I think that the Trevi is the all around, better, "investment" bag. ,

Pretty! Congrats and enjoy your new treasures!


I like the Galliera much better than the Totally, the Totally to me looks like a diaper bag, but maybe that's just me! louis vuitton bag

Yes. It's Made in Spain. It's the Violette Vernis. louis vuitton

Only if Louis Vuitton releases a pochette cles, then I'd buy one in Azur with the hot air balloon print. louis vuitton


i just sold my MM for a GM and i'm 5'1" i love the chic huge size, and its still soooo the GM! get it!! i think it makes more of a statement than the MM and when you cinch the sides in, it looks adorable corsets wholesale